Cryptocurrency Market Data Analysis Using Web Scraping

What is the Role of Web Scraping in Cryptocurrency Trading?

Reasons Behind the Rise and Fall of the Cryptocurrencies

  • Dogecoin prices have risen as a result of Elon Musk’s endorsement.
  • Following that, when markets discovered it was expensive, it collapsed.
  • The surge in Bitcoin prices is a result of institutional investments in the cryptocurrency by companies like Tesla and MicroStrategy, as well as increased usage by corporations like PayPal.
  • As a result of the pandemic and subsequent inflation, an increasing number of people have begun to invest in various Cryptocurrencies, increasing their market capitalization.
  • In March 2021, while India was proposing a ban, and in April 2021, when Turkey declared a blanket ban on cryptocurrency use, Bitcoin values fell.

What Kind of Cryptocurrency Data Can be Scraped?

  • The prices would not be affected by all data. To find the false positives, you’ll need to look at both old and new data.
  • You must consider the legal limits and follow the rules of the nation in which you reside while scraping data.
  • While building your DIY code to scrape such data, some constraints must be considered. Two of these are IP rotation and stopping before several hits to avoid overburdening the server.



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