How Puppeteer and Headless Chrome are Used for AngularJS Website Data Scraping?

Web Scraping Using CURL

curl > example.html
curl > angular.html

An in-depth Introduction to Puppeteer

What is Required for Web Scraping?

  • Scraping parallelization (in order to scrape many sites at once, you must run multiple browsers/pages and appropriately allocate resources)
  • Limits on requests (sites usually limit the number of requests from a particular IP to prevent scraping or DDoS attacks)
  • Code deployment and maintenance (in order to use Puppeteer in production, you’ll need to deploy Puppeteer-related code to a server with its own set of constraints).
  • By utilizing our web scraping API, you can avoid all of the mentioned issues and focus just on the business logic for your application.



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