How to Do Quora Data Scraping Including Questions, Answers, Authors, etc?

3i Data Scraping is scraping the data we’ve chosen from the initial few questions on a question’s page. The page utilizes infinite scrolling to load extra questions. Therefore, we would setup 3i Data Scraping for loading and scraping more questions.v

1. Initially, utilize the given tabs on right-hand side of a screen and return to the main template. After that, utilize a browser tab and return to main questions’ page.v

2. Then click on PLUS (+) symbol next to “page” selection and click on “Advanced” option and choose ‘Extract’ command.v

3. Then rename the selection with listing_value as well as replace $location.href expression using digit 0.

4. Then drag the scrape the command you’ve made to top of a command list, directly above the “question” choose command.

5. Utilize an icon subsequent to “question” selection and expand all the commands. Float over “question” selection as well as hold Shift key for making PLUS (+) signal pop-up. Utilize PLUS (+) symbol to choose the scrape command.

6. Just rename the new scrape command for removing and under scrape dropdown, select “Delete element from page”

7. Utilizing the instructions given in the step 5, just add new extract commands as well as name that “listing_value”. With command settings given below, just replace $location.href expression using digit 1.

8. Just click on PLUS (+) symbol next to “page” selection as well as add the Conditional command. Just edit expression of the command with “listing_value”.

9. Utilizing PLUS (+) symbol on conditional, just add the ‘Select’ command as well as choose a section on website having all questions given on the feeds. You could need to utilize Ctrl+2 whereas hovering over that to choose it. Just rename the selection with “feed”.

10. Increase the new “feed” command as well as remove the scrape command.

11. Then click on PLUS (+) symbol on “feed” commands. Utilize it for adding the Scroll command.

12. Then repeat the step 11 for adding the Go To Template command. One pop up would appear, accept that with the default settings.

13. Then click on “Go to Template” command as well as enter total number of times that you’d love to repeat the procedure in “Repeat This Template” ground. In Quora, every repeat signifies 20 questions extracted. In that case, we would repeat that 4 additional times.

14. Finally, just click on three dots given on the left-hand sidebar just after the main_template text as well as untick the “No Duplicates”.

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