How to Extract a Shopify Product Data within a Few Minutes?

Shopify is amongst the frontrunners for e-commerce sites. It helps newer business owners in creating a fully-operational e-commerce site within a few minutes!

As so many Shopify websites are available, you can extract Shopify websites to scrape Shopify product data, which you can utilize to do:

  • Competitors’ Analysis
  • Pricing
  • Product Development
  • Research

Today, we’ll exhibit to you how you can extract product data from Shopify websites without using any coding.

Extract Shopify Products Data

Here, we will extract products data from a Shopify Website

Let’s Get Started

Initially, make certain to download and also install scraper form 3i Data Scraping. We would utilize this data scraper to do this project.

Open the scraper of 3i Data Scraping as well as click on “New Project” option as well as use a URL from the result pages of Shopify. The page would now get rendered within this app.

Extract Shopify Products List

When the website gets rendered, just click on a product’s name of first results on the page. A name that you’ve clicked would become green for indicating that it has been picked.

2. The rest product names would become highlighted in the color yellow. After that, click on the second one in the list. At the present, all the items would get highlighted within the green.

3. On a left-hand sidebar, just rename the selection using “product”. You would notice that 3i Data Scraping is scraping the product names and URLs for every product.

4. On the left-hand sidebar, just click on the PLUS (+) sign provided next to product selection as well as opt for the command named Relative Select.

5. Using a command named Relative Select, just click on the first product’s name on a page and also on s product’s prices. You would see the arrow connecting two collections. You might require to repeat the step to completely train 3i Data Scraping what you wish to scrape.

6. Repeat step 5 to scrape fit styles and product images. Ensure to rename the new selections consequently.

We now have chosen all the required data to extract from the results pages. Your project will look like given here:

Run and Export Your Project

Now as we have set up a project, the time has come to run the scraped job.

On a left-hand sidebar, just click on ‘Get Data’ switch and also click on ‘Run’ switch to run the scraping. For long projects, we suggest doing the Test Run for verifying that the data would be formatted properly.

After job scraping is completed, you can to download the data you’ve requested as a convenient spreadsheet or as a JSON file.


A great thing about this blog is that you could utilize this for the biggest e-commerce sites like Amazon, Flipkart, Alibaba, Walmart, and more.

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