How to Extract Captions from YouTube Using Python?

At times, we feel that it’s good to read documentation rather than watch a video on YouTube to get some information. Therefore, this blog could be helpful for you in scraping subtitles from YouTube in the text file and generating subtitles from video Python.


Use the command given below and you will be able to install a Python API, helping you to extract subtitles data from YouTube videos.

pip install youtube_transcript_api


Initially, import YouTubeTranscript on or after youtube_transcript.

from youtube_transcript_api import YouTubeTranscriptApi

Save the subtitles acquired by .get_transcript() function within the variable called srt like a listing of dictionaries.

srt = YouTubeTranscriptApi.get_transcript("kvTV2ZmVpmg&t=32s")

Create or overwrite a file called “subtitles.txt” having details inside a context manager as well as it repeats through every element of the list srt. Lastly, it writes every element of the srt on given new line within “subtitles.txt” text file.

with open("subtitles.txt", "w") as f:
for i in srt:

Hurrah…We have successfully scraped subtitles from YouTube in the text file using our YouTube data Extractor using Python. If you want to know more about how to get all the captions from a YouTube video then contact 3i Data Scraping or ask for a free quote!

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