How to Monitor Competitor PPC Data on Amazon?


Below are the steps to monitor the data:

  • Create a cloud account
  • Choose an Amazon search results crawler
  • List the input URLs.
  • Execute the scraper and download data.

There will be few pre-built scrapers, in addition to extracting price information from e-commerce websites that can scrape real estate data, Google, social media information, job information, and many more. The scraper and information can be crawled from any browser. It is also possible to deliver information to Dropbox.

How to Extract Product Information from Amazon?

The Cloud Amazon Search result crawler is simple to use and can also assist in gathering data within minutes. The Amazon Search Results Scraper will extract the product name such as ASIN, sponsored products, price, FBA, and other data points from the Amazon search results page.

The crawler will also scrape the product details that create a campaign add inside a product page. The crawler will also assist in gathering products from a frequently bought section.

The cloud also has various crawlers for extracting information from Amazon such as Amazon product details, Bestseller’s list, Reviews, and ratings.

1. You can contact 3i Data Scraping for creating an account in the crawler and using Amazon Search Results Crawler.

Each account you create will allow you to examine the crawler by scraping 25 pages for free before you subscribe.

2. Add the Amazon Search Results Crawler to your account and provide inputs

Once we create an account for you, we will add the Amazon Search results crawler. For acquiring the input, you can visit, and search for the products that you are searching for. This crawler will accept a variety of inputs such as search URL or category URL, product name, GTIN, ISBN, keyword, or EAN. For instance, we have shown results for AA batteries.

Sponsored Product advertising runs on Amazon in two places: inside search engine results (as shown in the image above) and as a component of an ad carousel near the top of order details pages. Advertisers can use this feature to promote specific products in Amazon search results and on order details pages.

You can check on the listing page that if the product is sponsored then it will be marked as ‘Sponsored’ above the product details. This page’s search URL will be copied and pasted into the Amazon scraper as input. An example of a URL for a search result is as follows:

Search result URLs will be accepted by the Amazon Search Results Crawler. On the main crawler, you can click on the INPUT tab and the input URLs can be pasted with each URL divided by a new line. After writing all the search URLs, it is also possible to select the pages number for the crawler to extract the data.

  • The filters ‘brand’ and ‘domain’ will not work if you supply a list of query URLs.
  • If you supply a set of keyword phrases, they will be harvested only if no search URLs are provided. You may also use a trademark or many brands to narrow down your search.

Executing the Amazon Search Results Crawler

Choose to collect the data or fetch the data for executing scraper once after you save the crawlers input settings.

The graphics that are shown here demonstrate a scraper in both Start and Run modes. A scraper can be interrupted in running mode by using the Stop button. You can only retrieve 25 pages using the free version. You can also contact 3i Data Scraping for a data scraping plan.

You can choose view information and Download Data once the process is finished. The data can be downloaded as Excel, CSV, or JSON.

The data scraped from Amazon in CSV format is presented in the sample below.

By 2020, Amazon’s share of the digital ad industry in the United States will have topped 10%. PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising on Amazon has resulted in very effective Amazon sales channels. Launching Amazon PPC advertising allows merchants and suppliers to buy product visibility at the top of Amazon’s search results pages.

If you don’t have a well-versed Amazon PPC plan, it may be difficult to meet your marketing goals on Amazon. Any entrepreneurship service provider such as 3i Data Scraping can assist you in obtaining clean and well-structured data feeds in the desired format and on a customized timetable. 3i Data Scraping may also send personalized email alerts once the sponsored products are available, also when the pricing of competitors’ products changes.

The Amazon Scraper from 3i Data Scraping is a tool for extracting PPC data. If you wish to track competitor’s PPC information from more e-commerce sites, or if you require data with more features and fields, 3i Data Scraping will provide a custom data solution for you.

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