How to Scrape Rentals Websites Using BeautifulSoup and Python?

  • How do suburb's rents compare to the Toronto city’s rents?
  • How much can you potentially save if you have rented a basement unit?
  • Which suburbs have the lowest rent rates?

Scraping Rental Website Data through Web scraping using BeautifulSoup and Python

# Import Python Libraries # For HTML parsing from bs4 import BeautifulSoup # For website connections import requests # To prevent overwhelming the server between connections from time import sleep # Display the progress bar from tqdm import tqdm # For data wrangling import numpy as np import pandas as pd pd.set_option('display.max_columns', 500) pd.set_option('display.width', 1000) # For creating plots import matplotlib.pyplot as plt import plotly.graph_objects as go
def get_page(city, type, beds, page): url = f'{city}/{type}?beds={beds}%20&p={page}' # result = requests.get(url) # check HTTP response status codes to find if HTTP request has been successfully completed if result.status_code >= 100 and result.status_code <= 199: print('Informational response') if result.status_code >= 200 and result.status_code <= 299: print('Successful response') soup = BeautifulSoup(result.content, "lxml") if result.status_code >= 300 and result.status_code <= 399: print('Redirect') if result.status_code >= 400 and result.status_code <= 499: print('Client error') if result.status_code >= 500 and result.status_code <= 599: print('Server error') return soup
for page_num in tqdm(range(1, 250)): sleep(2) # get soup object of the page soup_page = get_page('toronto', 'condos', '1', page_num) # grab listing street for tag in soup_page.find_all('div', class_='listing-brief'): for tag2 in tag.find_all('span', class_='replace street'): # to check if data point is missing if not tag2.get_text(strip=True): listingStreet.append("empty") else: listingStreet.append(tag2.get_text(strip=True))
# create the dataframe df_Toronto_Condo = pd.DataFrame({'city_main':'Toronto', 'listing_type': 'Condo', 'street': listingStreet, 'city': listingCity, 'zip': listingZip, 'rent': listingRent, 'bed': listingBed,'bath': listingBath, 'dimensions': listingDim}) # saving the dataframe to csv file df_Toronto_Condo.to_csv('df_Toronto_Condo.csv')

Data Preparation & Cleaning with Pandas

Insights Produced from Data

Investigation of Relationship Between Dimensions and Rent



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