How Web Scraping Can Help Experts of Venture Capital Firms?


An expert in any normal venture capital firm spends the majority of time in try and find deals for the firm through scanning a load of news websites, blogs, start-up listings, as well as portals manually to identify new opportunities and research about startups and then email or call them.

The research would look impressive in the initial days of the analyst’s career, however, it would result in repeats including Uber for X as well as Tinder for Y for making this research uninteresting.

Web Scraping could assist you in automating most of the boring parts.

You can get new potential startups and opportunities through collecting as well as analyzing data from thousands of media sites, job boards, patent databases, etc. Then, you can utilize Machine Learning to associate these together providing you the maximum out of the details you need, together with a few new associated insights. (Data-as-a-Service service providers like 3i Data Scraping can assist you to get the necessary data and insights without thinking about writing as well as maintaining scrapers)

Web scrapers may also assist you in getting more data about attendees of the events you will be attending, for meeting and interacting with future start-ups. You could connect that data to other sources, which pull news as well as funding details on start-ups as well as get a clear report within few minutes. It should provide you sufficient data to triumph CEOs, investors, as well as your firm to show them your firm’s “value”.

Evaluation of Prospective Start-ups

It’s a renowned fact that Venture Capitals don’t throw money to every startup, which knocks on their doors. Screening or “Due Diligence” is important for the success of any Venture Capital firm. The research to evaluate a prospective deal needs you to search through different markets, companies, regulatory issues, financial data, equity information, funding information, news articles, legal research data, and individuals, swallowing up a lot of time for data janitorial work.

A few of this data might be readily accessible to download from private or public databases. All the rest of publicly accessible data needs to get collected with scrapers or crawlers.

Web Scrapers may help you scrape data from sources to have answers to all the questions you have every day, including “let me know how huge the market is.” or “let me know maximum about this company.”

You may also perform background checks, patent searches, news runs, acquisition comparable, trading comparables, demographic data, growth projections, funding data, etc. through using scripts for collecting this info as well as run easy or composite lookups.

Quickly, you would be able to perform a single search having a start-up name, as well as get statistics, funding details, news mentions, detailed management information, job posts, patents, and company reviews by employees within a few minutes. We could add a few Artificial Intelligence skills to let you know if the start-up clears the screening criterion from previous screenings for refining this further.

You can probably begin your day saying, “Alexa, get me some talented FinTech startups from the USA” And receive the startup list as well as their statistics

If you want to build as well as run web scrapers yourself, read more. Or if you like to avoid all the heavy labor, then utilize Data as A Service providers like 3i Data Scraping, then contact us!

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