How Web Scraping is used to Boost Your Hotel Business?

Scraping Hotel-Related Data

  • Name of the hotel, address, city, country, and zip code
  • Information on hotels depending on their kind and category
  • Types of rooms, hotel amenities, and occupancy
  • The hotel’s star rating
  • Name and phone number of contact person, email, website, and fax number
  • Different booking websites include information on unique trip packages.
  • Client evaluations and comments from booking websites are used to determine the rating.
  • The pricing range of the rooms as well as all of the hotel’s services
  • Holiday discounts, as well as special promos
  • The hotel accepts the following payment methods:
  • Various hotel and hotel comparison websites utilize different images and photographs.

Methods of Using Web Scraping for Hotel Marketing

How Web Scraping Hotel Data Will Boost Your Hotel Business?

Lead Generation

Competitor Analysis

Quality Assurance

Business Intelligence

  • Internal data is gathered from your hotel’s sales, marketing, human resources, finance, and other departments. Transforming this raw data into useful information will aid in decision-making and the determination of revenue and profit.
  • External data is information from outside your hotel business. This refers to the information we’ve already discussed, such as competition information and feedback from all online platforms.




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