The 5 Most Expensive NFTs Sold Ever

To put that easily, NFTs, or Non-Fungible Tokens, are distinctive digital objects, which have a definite value depending on the object’s individuality. The object could be anything, a video, a painting, a GIF, an audio snippet, a video game collectible item, and more. Considering that NFTs are unique pieces of data on the blockchain, they are not transposable. Let’s go through The 5 Most Expensive NFTs Sold Ever!

5. CryptoPunk #3100 — Price: $7.58 Million

Similar to CryptoPunk #7804, this is amongst the most costly CryptoPunks as well as also amongst the given 9 Alien Punks.

It comes with a blue-green-colored skin tone that somewhat characterizes the oft-chosen-on cephalopod Squidward taken from SpongeBob Squarepants. This Alien also dresses a white-and-blue headband, however, approximately 406 of 10,000 characters have those. Sold on 11th March 2021, it began its voyage from merely $76 in the 2017 bid, persistent to get priced with $2 million as well as eventually its existing price is $7.58 million dollars!

4. CryptoPunk #7523 — Price: $11.7 Million

Any digital avatar, which can be sold for more than $7 million, this is certainly impressive. However, what about a fetched selling price of almost $12 million? And that’s where occurred CryptoPunk $7523 was bought by the shareholder of DraftKings, Shalom Meckenzie with $11.7 million dollars!

Also, CryptoPunk #7523 is a part of this Alien series, however, this has different accessories related to its siblings, #7804 as well as #3100. This NFT is having a gold earring, a red-colored beanie, as well as a face mask. Together with unusual Alien skin, this makes the CryptoPunk #7523 amongst the most expensive and iconic digital formations available.

3. Human One — Price: $28.9 Million

It is another NFT offered by Beeple, and whereas this is not that artist’s most exclusive creation, this might just become his most exclusive one! Nothing like most NFTs that are completely digital, this Human One NFT is a hybrid design, which also associates physical elements. This is the human-sized statuette made from mahogany wood, polished aluminum, as well as four videos screens making a collective 16K resolution.

And the best part is that those screens show a simulated avatar which will keep varying for years! According to People, he’ll keep you updated about the avatars for till he’s living and make changes he observes to be fit. In case, somebody will spend around $29 million with one NFT, they could also get an HFT as fine as that!

2. The First 5000 Days — Price: $69 Million

With the first-ever organized digital auction of art, Christie’s, an auction house, sold a huge gathering of artworks of Beeple for the record-breaking total amount of $69 million dollars! Beeple is making artworks daily ever since 2007, without missing a day!

The art pieces are labeled as every day differs from medium, styling, and content as well as often depend on satirical or dystopian settings. According to Artnet, Beeple is the “3rd most costly living artist” as per the auction prices, followed by Jeff Koons as well as David Hockney to name a few.

1. The Merge — Price: $91.8 Million

On the 1st spot, the most costly NFT sold ever is the ‘The Merge’ made by a digital artist named Pak. It is one bigger name in an NFT space, getting created a few of the most impressive artworks available there. This artist’s real identity has remained a complete mystery, but it hasn’t stopped him from getting a huge presence in today’s digital space of art.

From all the available NFTs created by Pak, The Merge is the most creative one! Instead of creating as well as selling any static art piece, it was an assembly of ‘masses’, which people could purchase. The more people spend, the bigger their ‘mass’ will be. All the masses are endured under similar creation, as well as with complete sales coming at $91.8 million dollars, this makes ‘The Merge’, the most exclusive NFT sale ever!

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