Top 7 Web Scraper Tools to Extract Online Data

Data is a very important advantage in an organization and data scraping permits efficient data extraction of these assets from different web resources. Web extraction helps in changing unstructured data into well-structured data that could be further utilized to scrape insights.

In this blog, we have listed the top 7 web scraper tools to extract online data:

Beautiful Soup

Beautiful Soup is the Python library that pulls data out of XML and HTML files. This is primarily designed for different projects including screen-scraping. The library offers easy methods as well as Pythonic idioms to navigate, search, and modify a parsing tree. It automatically transforms incoming documents into Unicode as well as outgoing documents into UTF-8.


Selenium Python is the open-source and web-based automation tool that offers an easy API for writing functional or approval tests with Selenium WebDriver. Selenium is the set of various software tools all with different approaches to support test automation. All these tools result in a rich array of testing functions specially geared for the testing requirements of all kinds of web applications. Using Selenium Python API, users can access different functionalities of a Selenium WebDriver in a natural way. The presently supported Python versions include Python 2.7, 3.5 as well as above.


MechanicalSoup is the Python library used to automate interactions with websites. The library automatically saves as well as sends cookies, monitors redirects as well as can follow different links as well as submit forms. MechanicalSoup offers a similar API, created on Python giants Requests (with HTTP sessions) as well as BeautifulSoup (with document navigation). Although this tool has become unmaintained for many years because it doesn’t support Python 3.


The LXML is the Python tool with C libraries libxslt and libxml2. It is identified as amongst the feature-enriched as well as easy-to-use libraries to process HTML and XML in the Python language. This is unique as it associates XML feature and speed of the libraries having the simplicity of the native Python API as well as it is mainly compatible but greater to a well-known ElementTree_API.


Scrapy is an open-source as well as a collaborative framework to extract the data any user requires from different websites. Transcribed in Python, Scrapy is a quick high-level data extraction and mining framework from Python. This can be utilized for an extensive range of objectives, from data extraction to monitoring and automated testing. This is an application framework to write web spiders, which crawl websites as well as scrape data from them. These spiders are classes, which a user describes and Scrapy utilizes Spiders to extract data from one website or a website group.

Python Requests

Python Requests is perhaps the sole Non-GMO HTTP library used for Python language. This helps a user in sending HTTP/1.1 requests as well as there is no need to physically add any query strings in your URLs, or form-encode the POST data. You can have many feature supports like auto decompression, browser-style SSL verification, HTTP(S) proxy support, auto content decoding, and more. Requests publicly support Python 2.7 and 3.4–3.7 as well as runs on PyPy.


The urllib is the Python package that could be used to open URLs. It assembles several modules to work with the URLs like urllib.request to open and read URLs that are mainly HTTP, urllib.error modules define the exclusion classes for exclusions upraised by urllib.request, the urllib.parse module outlines a standard interface for breaking URL (Uniform Resource Locator) executes in components as well as urllib.robotparser offers one class, RobotFileParser that answers questions regarding whether or not any particular user agents can fetch the URLs on a website, which published a robots.txt file.

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