What is the Glassdoor API and How to Use That?

If you are looking for a job or want to hire new employees, job websites like Glassdoor can provide you with important data. In case, used correctly, you can scrape data associated with salaries, company reviews, job descriptions, etc. Once scraped, the data will produce useful insights, which help companies in creating job offers, understanding what the employees need in the company, as well as preparing for an interview procedure. In addition, when you compliment Glassdoor data within data from the online retail websites as well as other job websites to raise the analysis accuracy.

What is Glassdoor API?

An API (Application Programming Interface) is the coding, which allows two various programs to interchange data without any compromise in security. For instance, the Starbucks app attaches your phone’s software with nearby locations of Starbucks so that you can order using this app. The Glassdoor API is a programming interface, which allows employers to share salary data and job posts with potential employees, serving as a channel between employers as well as people seeking employment.

List of Data Fields Glassdoor Salary API Can Scrape

Being a job website, Glassdoor offers these data fields that you can scrape using a Glassdoor Salary API:

  • Comprehensive job posts
  • Employee reviews from companies
  • Interview questions
  • Salary date in terms of industry

The data permits job seekers to know more about the companies they are applying for, understand the market rates to negotiate the salary, as well as prepare for the interviews. For different employers, the Glassdoor API can be helpful for understanding how your position benefits, hours, salary, etc. are compared with similar jobs within your industry.

How to Utilize Glassdoor API?

The Glassdoor API could be used for scraping helpful data associated to employment, job descriptions, salaries, and more. You can also collect Glassdoor information manually, but it takes ample time, money, as well as employees. The best way to access Glassdoor API is using a data scraping tool.

Web Scraping

Data Scraping or Web Scraping is automatic data extraction from a webpage and it is the finest tool to collect data from Glassdoor API. Using 3i Data Scraping’s HTML scraper, it’s easy to input any HTML links as well as get a page’s scraped data as an output. When scraped, this data could be analyzed to produce useful data insights for job seekers as well as employers.

Advantages of Using a Glassdoor Web Data Scraper

While using a web scraping tool for extracting data from Glassdoor, you will get data applicable to salaries, job positions, as well as companies. Having the resulting insights, it’s easy to experience a lot of benefits like finding the required salary, understanding the competition, as well as conducting meaningful interviews. In case, you need retail data, Glassdoor has a huge volume of perceptive data points.

Find Preferred Salary

Using Glassdoor Salary API for different positions, which need similar experience, certifications, and hours that make a salary range to deal with throughout the interview procedure. When you get the industry average, it’s easy to negotiate as per your experience. Without getting this range, you won’t be able to draw quality candidates. In the same way, knowing the base salary is quite useful while deciding if or not seeking any additional employees provided your present budget.

Understanding Employees’ Sentiments

For employers, extracting Glassdoor reviews API data helps you to know the experiences of past employees. Whereas some companies have exit interviews, distance, and honesty, which Glassdoor reviews provide great insights about how the company culture gets observed by others. Correspondingly, you can extract competitors’ reviews to attract excellent candidates. While you know how the work culture is better than the competitors, you can represent yourself to prospective employees better by highlighting how to operate differently from different companies. It is particularly important in case hiring at high levels as you are expected to compete directly with talented competitors.

Good Interview Preparation

Making an enjoyable and useful interview experience is very difficult. You wish to get a sense of future employees and also help them in understanding the organization better as well as what you are looking for. Asking inspiring questions produces better conversations as well as makes the applicant feel understood and measured. Using Glassdoor Interview Questions API, it’s easy to extract tons of prospective questions for preparation and inspiration.


The Glassdoor Scraping API offers salary data, company reviews data, job description data, and more. A data scraping tool helps you to scrape the data quickly, easily, as well as securely to produce useful insights. When analyzed, you’ll find out what the employees think about your company, an ideal salary range, and be well-prepared for the interviews. The 3i Data Scraping Glassdoor web scraping API makes that easier to openly input as well as combine data resources to do analysis. All the benefits make a superior search as well as interview procedure for the employees as well as employers alike.

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