Why is Data Visualization Important?

Every action we do nowadays appears to generate enormous amounts of information. While buzzwords such as “big data” have faded, the data itself has not. The conventional ways won’t cut it when it comes to comprehending, processing, analyzing, and conveying this data. That CSV you exported into Excel is too much for anybody to grasp, regardless of how huge or curved your screen is.

Good visualizations can assist us in achieving better results in less time. They also assist us in communicating our job to coworkers, managers, and customers.

This blog provides an overview of data visualizations and why it is necessary.

Data Visualizations

Data visualization is the display of a set of data in a graphical manner. These graphical representations can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Simple bar, column, line, and pie charts are among them, as are dashboards with several interconnected graphs and custom-designed visualizations. Each form of the chart has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Similarly, different charts are appropriate for various sorts of data.

Why is Data Visualization Important?

It’s difficult to overestimate the value of data visualization. Humans are visual creatures. That’s exactly what data visualization does. It improves comprehension by utilizing human perception and intellect. Humans have the capacity to perceive changes in size, shape, location, number, and color, which are used in visualizations.

Let’s use an old favorite, made-up sales data (for those expecting I’d use the Iris data set, it was too enormous to put on the website). This data depicts sales numbers from two of a company’s outlets. While accurate numbers are available, it is impossible to fully comprehend what is going on. It’s much more difficult to express it to others in our company.

It’s a whole different story when you look at the same data with visualization. We can see a few key things right away. In both businesses, there is a declining tendency until May. Store 2 has recovered and is even heading upwards, whilst Store 1 has not. In both stores, October was a positive anomaly. Sure, we can’t see actual sales figures, but once we have a decent concept, we can always go back to the source data. Most importantly, we can readily convey the data so that we can figure out why it’s occurring and take advantage of opportunities or fix problems with our colleagues. Consider what happens when you extrapolate to larger data sets.

In conclusion, data visualizations are crucial because they help people comprehend information by helping them to process, evaluate, and share it more effectively.

Initiating with Data Visualizations

The easiest method to begin with data visualization is to consider previous renderings and conduct a study. Once you do this, you should see that different sorts of visualizations are utilized in predictable patterns. After you’ve established this foundation, you may begin to consider your data.

You must first consider the type of data you have before deciding which visualization to use. Consider the following examples of possible questions:

  • Is the information nominal, ordinal, interval, or ratio?
  • Is it a snapshot or a representation of change through time?
  • What is the total number of data points?

After you’ve considered questions like these, you’ll want to think about the background.

  • Do you visualize knowledge to deliver it or to study and comprehend it?
  • To whom will you be presenting the visualizations?
  • Will you be able to explain and illustrate what you mean?
  • Are there any data sets that are related?

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